Exponent Beauty: Optimizing Science For Peak Potency

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2 min readAug 10, 2023

At Joyance, we believe everyone deserves a fulfilling and joyful life — we invest in companies that cultivate joy through science and tech to improve the way we live, for good. So naturally, we see huge promise in Exponent Beauty’s game-changing approach to restorative skincare.

Through her 20+ years of working with top-tier beauty companies, Exponent Beauty CEO Elizabeth Whitman discovered a shocking realization: unbeknownst to most consumers, pre-bottled active ingredients in skincare like Retinol and Vitamin C can degrade up to 40% in just eight weeks when exposed to moisture, air or light, rendering the product almost ineffective once opened.

Determined to provide consumers with a better alternative, Liz teamed up with a group of renowned scientists and dermatologists to create a revolutionary new skincare line and patented delivery system. Two years in the making, Exponent launched their proprietary powder and serum system, with activates only at the point at which a customer wishes to apply the product, meaning materially higher efficacy of active ingredients. This enables customers to mix treatments in the moment, preserving their integrity and optimizing their power.

Beyond just raising the standard of product efficacy, transparency and environmental impact are core to the Exponent mission. As a certified B Corp, they partner with environmentally focused and socially ethical vendors, use packaging created with nontoxic, recycled/reused materials, and are actively engaged in the circular sustainability systems movement.

In 2022, investment in beauty products accelerated to new heights; skincare alone totaled $153.3 billion in sales in the US. As consumers further educate themselves on the benefits and risks of numerous skincare ingredients, we believe Exponent is exceptionally well-positioned to be at the forefront of clinically validated, premium, efficacious skincare. We’re excited to watch CEO Liz Whitman and her team further drive awareness to disrupt the status quo in luxury beauty.

By Investment Partner Claire Cherry

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