• Seth Kontny

    Seth Kontny

  • Robert Hacker

    Robert Hacker

    Director StartUP FIU-commercializing research. Entrepreneurship Professor FIU, Ex IAP Instructor MIT. Ex CFO One Laptop per Child. Built billion dollar company

  • Jon Werner

    Jon Werner

    To invest my time and energy making things that help people. Specialties: Idea creation, innovation, product strategy, intellectual property and bizdev.

  • Fernando Fitch

    Fernando Fitch

  • Jun Deng

    Jun Deng

  • Aaditya Khemuka

    Aaditya Khemuka

    Parental well-being India | Healthcare research India

  • Jerry Staub

    Jerry Staub

  • Florian Resch

    Florian Resch

    VC Investor, Partner @IST cube / Investing early in deep tech and science based startups and spin-offs / www.ist-cube.com

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