Living Longer and Living Better: SH², the Science of Health and Happiness Fund

Our new sister fund, SH², the Science of Health and Happiness fund, just completed its initial close, so this seemed a natural time to talk about its strategy and focus.

SH² seeks to invest, at the earliest possible stage, in companies transforming individual health. We want to find and work with startups in the US, Europe, and Asia, that can help people, through science, live longer, live better, or both.

We will do this by focusing on 4 key outcomes, across 4 primary fields, driven by 4 science and technology vectors.

This thesis structure allows us to change and grow as the venture landscape adapts to new challenges in health and happiness. Currently, our thesis practically translates into a taxonomy of the following industries and verticals:


Mental Health

· Neuroscience

· Women’s Health

· Chronic Care

· Precision Medicine

· Behavioral Change

· Microbiome


· Inner, Local, & Public Space

· New Modes for Learning

· Emergent Communities

· Immersive Experience

· Lab-Grown & Plant-Based Meats

· Food & Drink Innovation

· Cosmetics & Beauty & Fashion

· Fitness & Physical Activity

· Pets

· Preventative Healthcare

· Next-Gen Food/Drink

· Senses — Olfactory, Gustation, Tactile, Hearing, Vision


· Synthetic Biology

· New Modes of Entertainment

· Personal Control of Energy

If you know companies in any of these areas, we’d love to hear about them. As SH² picks up steam, I’ll be back to tell you more about the companies we are investing in and trends we see in how science is transforming the human experience.

By Managing Partner Mike Edelhart

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The first venture fund focused on individual health experience, not process.

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The first venture fund focused on individual health experience, not process.

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