MOSH: Superfood Snacks to Fuel Brain Wellbeing

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2 min readOct 20, 2023

Our fund supports companies that cultivate joy using science, so we’re thrilled to announce our recent investment in MOSH. Designed to “equip every generation with the tools needed to be strong in mind and body in every decade of life,” MOSH is a science-backed brain wellness brand formulated by nutrition experts and made with the highest quality ingredients. Their first product is a delicious superfood protein bar for the brain.

Brain health is a growing concern amongst consumers and is trending toward becoming a priority consideration in people’s diets. The pandemic-induced lockdowns coupled with the global adoption of the work-from-home culture have led to significant growth of the snack market in the last two years: the market size was valued at $1450.4 billion in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 2.7% from 2023 to 2030. In the US, 94% of adults snack, and Gen Zers consume more than 5 snacks per day on average. This trend is expected to continue and be driven by a demand for healthier and organic alternatives. Snacking is perceived as a convenient, less expensive way to eat healthy food, and has the potential to even replace supplements, which opens the doors for brands like MOSH into another booming industry.

The company’s origins are rooted in its co-founder, renowned journalist and activist Maria Shriver. After two decades spent advocating for Alzheimer’s awareness through congress testimony, an award-winning documentary, a book, and charitable support, Maria joined forces with her son Patrick during the pandemic to launch MOSH’s first product line. As a VC fund that evaluates hundreds of founders and CEOs every month, we are deeply impressed by Patrick’s business savvy. He has invested in, and advised to, over 20 successful DTC brands, and his considerable experience is uniquely supported by Marias’s expertise, credibility, and industry influence.

A cadre of highly respected neuroscientists and nutritionists also support the company’s work, and part of MOSH’s core mission is to educate and empower consumers with resources and information using the input of cutting-edge scientific experts. Additionally, a portion of all sales is donated to fund Alzheimer’s research. This long-term vision of changing the conversation about brain health through food, education, research, and tools for a “mindstyle” lifestyle sets them distinctively apart from similar products on the market and puts them on a sustainable, lasting path as they enter the snacking industry. We’re extremely excited to welcome MOSH into our fund family and watch them evolve into the go-to CPG brand for brain health and wellness.

By Investment Partner Thibault Vanvincq

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