The Joyance Partners Portfolio Father’s Day Gift Guide: Fitness, Fashion, Wellness, and More

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2 min readMay 21, 2024


This Father’s Day, forget the novelty socks and lame ties! Upgrade Dad’s life with the ultimate gift guide from our fantastic portfolio companies:

The Fitness Freak

  • Gear Up: Bandit Running offers top-notch running apparel that’ll have Dad looking (and feeling) great on his next jog.
  • Power Up: Cure’s hydration mix packs a punch with 4x the electrolytes of sports drinks and zero caffeine jitters. Dad will be a recharged machine!
  • Sweat It Out: Epicore Biosystems’ Gx Sweat Patch analyzes Dad’s sweat to show him exactly how to rehydrate and refuel after conquering that workout.
  • Heat Up: Infraway’s smart heat wrap uses targeted heat therapy to melt away Dad’s aches and pains.
  • Stretch It Out: Skill Yoga transforms Dad’s phone into his own personal yoga guru, correcting poses and tracking his progress.

‍ The Wellness Warrior

‍ The Culinary Connoisseur

  • Kitchen Upgrade: Made In’s professional-quality cookware makes Dad feel like a celebrity chef in his own kitchen.
  • Algae You Can Believe In: Algae Cooking Club offers a chef-grade cooking oil packed with health benefits and a high smoke point. This innovative ingredient is a must-have for any kitchen!

The Outdoor Enthusiast

The Dapper Dad

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