The Motivation Behind Our Microbiome Focus

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2 min readOct 25, 2022
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Scientific exploration of the microbiome represents the opening of one of the greatest areas of science in decades, perhaps centuries. The biome utterly defines novel new approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases, from athlete’s foot to liver cancer. It may be a main vector in how genetics and the body interact, explaining why similar genes can generate variable outcomes among populations. It may be a primary pathway by which the body influences the brain and vice versa. It could be the recipe for how food can be used as preventive medicine. It could be key to extending health span and lifespan. The potential is transformational and unbounded.

In October of 2020, we declared we needed to be both focused and disciplined when investing in this area — most projects, while dazzling, we felt would probably fail. So we defined a vigilant and careful approach, investing primarily in companies developing therapeutic, genetic, food-as-medicine, and pro- and post- biotics health solutions.

To date, we have invested in nine such highly innovative companies:

  • VastBiome discovers biomarkers and novel therapeutics for challenging immunologic disorders.
  • Dermbiont develops targeted topical therapeutics for dermatological applications.
  • Phi Therapeutics produces an acne care line featuring the world’s first true skin probiotic with live microbes derived from the skin.
  • Bloom Science genetically optimizes living medicines that target diseases in neurology and oncology.
  • Solarea Bio uses bacteria and fungi to provide solutions for a plethora of health disorders.
  • Wild Wonder makes sparkling superherb infusions that build up the immune system and promote gut health.
  • Kombuchery creates fermented organic kombucha with probiotic cultures and nutrients.
  • Ombre offers a gut health program that includes microbiome genomics and personalized probiotics.
  • Mybacs produces supplements with a holistic health impact, including regulating digestion, providing essential vitamins, and improving mood.

Obviously, this area, although young, shows historic potential across a broad expanse of health and human experience. We are thrilled with the progress gained by our current companies and look forward to supporting many more groundbreaking discoveries.

By Marketing Director Nicole Staudinger

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