Where We Are Investing Now: Digital Health and Delightful Moments

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2 min readApr 20, 2021


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Joyance Partners was founded in 2016 with the sole intention of finding and supporting companies that create what we call “Delightful Moments.”

We felt then, and now, that Delightful Moments are part of all human experience: the small, but powerful, separations from the daily humdrum when we feel stronger, calmer, more joyful, more in control, more distant from pain and anxiety. Emerging science and technology present the potential to deliver these experiences. Science can help individuals be a bit happier, which can lead to greater health. Or a little healthier, which can lead to greater potential for happiness.

In 2020, global healthcare investments reached a record high, and the median size of deals increases every year. Increasingly, this energetic investment is driven by recognition of the ties between health and happiness, with Delightful Moments as a core concept in that mix.

The Covid pandemic has greatly accelerated this shift. At-home care is on the rise, using data, wearables, and VR to make care, prevention, and personal maximization more accessible. At-home fitness has exploded, with virtual-first solutions seeing dramatic increases in adoption. The mental health market continues to grow as social distancing has forced providers to embrace remote services. Virtual aging-at-home services have also seen a huge leap in adoption as the senior living industry has finally entered the digital age, and aspects of women’s health such as menopause, fertility care solutions, genomics, maternal and child care, and sexual wellness are expanding quickly, no longer being classified as “niche.”

For all these reasons, we feel ratified in our commitment to individual health, happiness, and Delightful Moments years ago and remain dedicated to seeking the most powerful new companies that can help people live better and longer.

For 2021, we will look for companies that focus on the following categories across Digital Health, enabling Delightful Moments, as many of our current investments already do:

Digital Health is a powerful way for science to deliver Delightful Moments. In every case, we will seek companies that have clear scientific/technological differentiation and clear business models that target consumers as the ultimate beneficiaries.

If you know any great entrepreneurs focused on Delightful Moments, we would love to hear about them.

By Managing Partner Mike Edelhart

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