Where We Are Investing Now: FemTech

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Women supporting women in everything related to being women is a growing and inexorable worldwide trend. This is manifestly true in Delightful Moments, where the worldwide female 51% is demanding new and better approaches to every part of their lives.

In that forceful expression of ascendency, we see a singular investment opportunity.

This is a strong, growing market. According to Forbes, “2019 was an inflection point for this space which is on the path to becoming a consolidated $50 billion dollar industry while improving the lives of millions of women and their communities.”

  • End-to-end maternal health. This is currently a $2B market, but growing. Focused on the tracking and support of mother and child from fertility to postpartum, there is potential here for these companies to exit to biotech companies like Genentech or as CPGs to companies like Johnson & Johnson.
  • Menstrual products. This is currently a $33B market.
  • Companies that make tracking fertility more efficient. New science will hit the market soon that will change the current, antiquated methods requiring urinating on a stick, blood/semen samples, or checking temperature immediately when waking up.
  • Genomics to increase personalization and fill the gap for previously poorly studied female-only or female-dominant indications. New genomic datasets will improve understanding of women’s reproductive health and lead to the development of new therapeutics.
  • Menopause. No key players dominate the >$10B market yet. Differentiated product offerings will increase in menopause health as the demographic grows rapidly. The 65+ female age group will increase from 27.5M in 2020 to 47.5M in 2060.

We should also selectively invest in tools that augment and support clinicians that follow the current workflow in healthcare for women’s health. Between the correlation to health and happiness, and the exponential projected market growth, FemTech is a highly promising and undeniable opportunity for investment.

By Managing Partner Mike Edelhart




The first venture fund focused on individual health experience, not process.

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Joyance Partners

Joyance Partners

The first venture fund focused on individual health experience, not process.

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