Your Loved Ones Will Jump For Joy Over These Five Fantastic Fitness Gifts

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2 min readNov 16, 2023
Photo by Alexandr Podvalny on Unsplash

These fave fitness options from the inventive companies in our portfolio are sure to satisfy every athlete on your list — from the pumped-up pickleball player to the youthful yogi.

Bandit Running is a performance and lifestyle apparel brand evolving running with meticulously crafted singlets, tops, shorts, tights, sweats, hats, and socks. Bandit is inherently inclusive of all runners regardless of pace or experience, so a gift from them is a sure win for seasoned and aspiring runners alike!

Epicore Biosystems’ Gx Sweat Patch captures and measures sweat hydration markers in real-time, with an app providing personalized recommendations to optimally hydrate and refuel after exercise — the perfect gift for any enthusiastic athlete. Buy just one or buy a pack of twenty at a 40% holiday discount on the Gatoraid site for a limited time!

Cure’s hydration mix has 4x the electrolytes of sports drinks, a completely natural formulation, and a high dose of energy without any of the negative side effects of caffeine. With a rainbow of flavors ranging from berry pomegranate to ginger turmeric, there’s something for everyone — or just go for the flavor starter kit so your giftee can try them all and decide for themselves. Use JOYANCE20 for 20% off orders of $50 or more.

Infraway’s smart heat wrap triggers your body’s natural pain relief signal in the brain. The wrap connects with an app to control every function, delivering instant, effective, on-demand heating — anytime, anywhere. Their breakthrough tech also helps improve sleep quality, circulation, inflammation, and muscle recovery.

WholyMe is a mission-led start-up aiming to transform pain management. They provide effective, natural products to address lifestyle-inherent aches and pains. Use code Joyance20 for 20% off their clinically tested, award-winning Relief Balm, which directly targets muscle and joint pains for overworked bodies.

For even more ingenious gift-giving-goodness, check out our top picks for self-care sophisticates, wonderful women, and finicky foodies.



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